A note from Nicole

Hello there! I’m Nicole, Owner of White Laurel Design, Co – nothing captivates me more than flowers, food, family, friends and a fun party (not particularly in that order- although I do love exquisite flowers)! My love of planning (and all things pretty) traces back to my Mother and Grandmother. From hosting tea parties in my playhouse when I was 5 years old, to planning the company Christmas parties, I was always up front and center to donate my time and efforts to the decorating cause! You know it’s the southern thing to do – make spaces pretty, and make people feel welcome!

If you spend more than 30 seconds with me, you will find I have a flair for chatting and a love of heartfelt stories. I believe these traits along with intense attention to detail, allow me to create a more personal and intimate gathering. At any event you will find me meandering through the crowd with a watchful eye, a warm smile, and my trusty check list making sure you and your guests are enjoying themselves immensely and having FUN!

Everything I do, I like to approach with a joyful heart, whether its leading our team through the tiny details and the grand overview, or simply helping a bride and groom make the complex choice of the best cake flavor (this is the hard part of the job – but hey! Someone has to do it)!